Coach Young started Young World Ballers with the philosophy of "Teaching Life Lessons from Court View". Based upon many years of experience as a head coach and director of various organizations and recreational clubs he wanted to put a program together that would help to foster “the underdogs” as some may call them. These children experience most of their games sitting on the bench, not making a travel team because of skill level, unable to participate in sports due to financial hardship, or just have a hard time finding an organization that will accept them for who they are.  Coach Young wanted to take these children and show them how they can do anything if they put their mind to it; however, with the joy of success comes hard work, dedication, determination, discipline, education, effort and support. Since his journey of teaching life lessons from court view Coach Young has developed a following of players with great opportunities ahead of them and a pack of young role models. Each player is taught how to stand up for himself on and off the court by using their minds and freedom of speech, that respect is earned and not given, to be honest with themselves and others, that everyone makes mistakes but it matters how you correct and learn from them which will ultimately contribute to personal growth.  Coach Young has inspired many of our children to become stronger and better people on and off the court and his movement will continue to grow with your help. If you have enjoyed your time with us please encourage others to join. 


Coach Young is currently one of the head high school coaches for Newark Academy in livingston and  has received first place or runner up in many tournaments within his career which includes but not limited to NJ States AAU, AAU Nationals, USBA Nationals, YBOA States, YBOA Nationals, Zero Gravity States, Zero Gravity Nationals, bball spotlight, Hoop Group, Big Foot, plus more.



Coach L. Young

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