Growing up, I was not able to participate in a structured basketball organization due to financial hardship.

As much as I would like to be able to pay for children whose parents cannot afford the cost of participating in a structured program, the reality is, I cannot . With your support, we can continue to keep our promise to deliver on our steadfast mission – to provide opportunities for our youth to train and develop as basketball players in a safe and educational environment. We will nurture our young adults by teaching life lessons from court view.

I’m writing to you for financial assistance in helping us do more for our community. There is no greater joy then seeing the smiles on our children faces when we provide a safe haven for them to meet new friends and learn new skills. 

I understand the state that our economy is currently in, however, a wise man said, “If one million people donate one dollar then we have raised a million dollars.”

I don’t know a million people just yet, but I do hope that you can help with more than a dollar. How much, is up to you!

You can sponsor a player to participate in any programs that we offer.


You will be provided with the following:

  • Certificate of appreciation signed by your assigned player

  • Your name listed as a sponsor on our thank you page

  • A thank you letter from your assigned player will be attached to your name on our thank you page

You can make a contribution to Young World Ballers as support of our movement.

$1 - $100 

  • Listed as a sponsor on our website  

$101 - $1,000 

  • Listed as a sponsor on our website

  • A link to direct traffic to your page

$1,001 an up
  • You will become a member of our President’s Club ( Presidents Club Jacket)

  • Receive recognition on our site

  • A link that to direct traffic to your page

All above is for 12 months with an option to renew.

Thank you in advance!

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  Contribution to Young World Ballers.

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