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Our members are families that plan to be with us long term and what better way to say thank than to give discounts and free gifts. 

We offer Camps, Classes, Clinics, Private lessons, Open gym and travel teams
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Private lessons are only for 1:1 ratio, you're paying for the participant to have a one on one training session unless you add a family member. Private lessons can only be redeem during times they are offered, not during package hours sessions.

Packaged hours are 1:12 ratio, you're paying a discounted fee for the participant to be in a group setting. Based upon the amount of hours purchased when registering for a class one hour will be deducted.  The package hours can only redeemed at times they are offered, not during private sessions times.

Liability Release
I/We, the parent/guardians, hereby give my consent for my child to participate in all activities conducted by Young World Ballers (YWBallers). I/We the parent/guardians are aware of the risks and hazards inherent with physical activity and exertion. I/We the parent/guardian assume all risks and hazards incidental to such participation. I/We the parent/guardians do hereby waive, release, absolve, indemnify, and agree to hold harmless Young World Ballers the organizers, sponsors, supervisors, volunteers, and participants for any claim arising out of an injury to myself/my child. This includes any injury or death that may result while transporting myself/my child to and from activities, whether the result of negligence or for any other cause.As in exposure to any individual or group physical activity there is an inherent risk of injury. Risks of participation in the SCPT sponsored event are minimal. However, injury can occur and include but are not limited to: abrasions, contusions, lacerations, sprains, strains, fractures, head trauma, heat stroke, myocardial infarct, and sudden death. In general, the inherent risk is less than or equal to what a child is exposed to while participating in a school supervised recess session.I/we the parent/guardian hereby certify that my child is in normal health and capable of safe participation in the Young World Ballers Basketball program and understand that there is some risk involved in all physical activities. I/we the parent/guardians assume for my child all risk(s) and hazards incidental to the conduct of this program. In the event that the parent or guardian cannot be reached, I/we the parent/guardians give my permission for the medical personnel selected by the Young World Ballers to transport, hospitalize, secure proper treatment for, and to order injection, x-rays, routine tests, anesthesia, and surgery for my child and to release any records necessary for insurance purposes. I/we the parent/guardians will comply with all basketball program guidelines and rules that apply to the Young World Ballers. I/we the parent/guardians understand that Young World Ballers staff reserve the right to rule on any matter, or situation covered or not covered by these guidelines in order to insure the quality, integrity and positive environment of the programs and I will comply with any decisions made by the coaches and staff. I support the Young World Ballers philosophy, which promotes character development, fun, and family. I/we the parent/guardians have read and understand that the consequence of violating the guidelines set by the Young World Ballers can result in expulsion from the program with no refund. I/we the parent/guardians consent that photos and videos taken of myself and/or of my children are the property of the Young World Ballers and may be placed on the Young World Ballers website or reproduced and publicized as the Young World Ballers desires, free of any claim on my part. I/we the parent/guardians agree that my email may be used by for Young World Ballers contact and promotional use only.I/We, the parent/guardians consent to the use of video and photographic imaging of Young World Ballers activities in while I/my child participates. I/We the parent/guardians understand that some activities may include video and/or photographic recordings. The images are to be under the exclusive ownership of Young World Ballers and are used only for educational and marketing purposes as they relate to Young World Ballers. I/We, the parent/guardians understand that there is no compensation for the generated images
By making a payment you are agreeing with the above terms.


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