YWB is offering a great opportunity for the youth to develop basketball skills, learn game strategies and make new friends. Campers will be challenged to obtain goals on the court and in everyday life. Our camps offer more than just tossing a ball to the kids and saying "go play!". These are engaging, enriching, exciting camps...

Many parents ask what will my kid do all day? Is 4-6 hours of basketball too much for my child?

The answer is 4-6 hours is far from enough. At our camps your child will learn the basics of shooting, passing, dribbling, and defense. In addition, they will be introduced to basketball terminology, in-game situations, and how to read and write plays. We also enhance and foster values such as discipline, dedication, hard work and effort, which will help your child become a competitive athlete with good sportsmanship. 

Lunch is not included 

For our above the rim camps that's offered while the children are out of school please submit inquiry to [email protected]  If you can send us your local school calendar that would be great as well.