Young World Ballers is a basketball program based in Bloomfield, New Jersey. We are an organization of elite coaches who provides basketball services such as camps, classes, private lessons and clinics. Our target audience are children first grade through eight grade. Compared to local competitors we are equipped to work with children of all skill levels, this includes but is not limited to children participating in a recreational setting to the most competitive young adults.

Young World Ballers offers the most experienced caring, engaged and passionate staff who really enjoy what they do. Our staff is convinced that the children are our future. Which is why we groom them into becoming positive adults. By teaching our kids accountability, discipline, hard work, proper work ethic, determination and dedication, their minds can accomplish any goal and overcome any obstacle, all while making lifetime friends. Our programs also reward academic excellence to encourage our children that school is important.


Our slogan is based upon the experiences of seeing A Few coaches spend most of their time looking for the next best player - we can help your child become the next best player -  Some coaches will play certain kids but leave the "better ones" on the bench, we will give that coach a reason to play your child - Some coaches are looking for a particular player to complete their team, we will guide your child to become a first round pick. 


We encourage future players to learn and develop three ways for best results


1) Individual lessons to challenge themselves.

2) Group lessons to challenge each other.

3) Actual game time.


Over the course of 3 weeks, 6 months, to a year you will definitely see an improvement in multiple aspects of his or her's game. Gratification time depends on child's enthusiasm and dedication.